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→ NLC Updates

☆ Completion of Debut Album
☆ Announcement on release date of 'Hybrid Sinner'「ハイバリド罪人」
☆ Tracklist Release
☆ Demo downloads release date
☆ Information on the upcoming NeverLand Crisis Live Tour; Crisis OverLoad

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shu shu [userpic]

Shin (市ん)
Blog Entry 01.09.2007 [12:06 pm]

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Since the release of our debut single *"Hatsumi;Autumn" we've been getting a huge response from people. It seems almost unreal. Thank you for supporting us.

As usual, the band has been relaxing since the completion of our album.
I can't quite remember how life outside the studio is like after spending so much time recording and editing in that room [laugh]
Everyone worked hard; especially Akira who would stay up all night writing lyrics and editing our sounds.

Right now he's asleep in this really awkward position.

Lately, ガンデム** has been catching my eye. It's a really nostalgic feeling.



*"Hatsumi;Autumn" - Or 「ハツミ;オタム」 was NeverLand Crisis' First Debut Single.
**ガンデム - Gundam

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Current Music: Gazette - Mob Bar 136
shu shu [userpic]

Akira (秋ら)
Blog Entry 01.09.2007 [11:49 am]

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こんいちわ。 秋らです。
Lately I've felt a bit restless so I figured it'd be good to update this blog.
This is the band's first blogging session. *よろしく。
Just a couple of days back, we participated in the Label party where we mingled with other bands from different labels.
I guess I could say it was interesting.
Apart from that, Kitsumi managed to not get himself drunk [laugh].

And soon, our 1st debut album which has been entitled "Hybrid Sinner"
「ハイバリド罪人」 is gonna show up. Look forward to it.

Penguin-san was a gift from a friend. I thought you'd like to take a look at him.
He's secretly very powerful \\(・ω・)//



*よろしく - Can be translated as 'Please take take of me'

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Current Music: NeverLand Crisis - ROT
shu shu [userpic]

Rian 「リアン」
Blog Entry 01.09.2007 [11:29 am]

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As you can all see, this is my first blog entry.
I hope everyone is alright.
Recently NLC participated in a label party. It was quite enjoyable.
Akira here hasn't been to a party since high school so I guess he had fun. Oops.
I wasn't suppose to say that ~
I on the other hand realized something; there were not enough girls [laugh]. I'm sorry if I'm too blunt.
Anyway, I just heard our debut album is coming out soon. Our vocalist will give more information on it soon. So - Please look forward to it. It's gonna be the best thing you've ever heard in your life.

And - This is how the sky looks like when night descends upon Japan.
I was tempted to take pictures (・ω・)

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shu shu [userpic]

Test test test Just a test.
Anyways You've just stumbled onto
NeverLand Crisis'
Official blogging LJ.

NeverLand Crisis is a Online Fantasy JRock band made up of:
Vocals: Akira (秋ら)
Bass: Shin (市ん)
Guitar: Kitsumi (期津み)
Guitar: Rui (塁)
Drums: Rian (リアン)

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